Black Rock Quarry

About This Project

Job: Black Rock Quarry
Client: WSP & Bristol City Council
Dates: March 2017

Working above the Portway A4 in Bristol, in March 2017 iBEX removed the existing, damaged, catch fence from the cliff face and installed a new Geobrugg rockfall catch fence.

Working in this challenging location of a busy road and steep cliff face iBEX:

  • Removed vegetation from slope to allow easy access & egress
  • Set out new template for post base anchors
  • Drilling for post bases and restraining anchors with hydraulic DTH mast
  • Grouting of post base dowels and restraining anchor wire rope anchors
  • Removal of existing catch fence
  • Installed 7 new Geobrugg posts and catch fence
  • New fence posts were lifted into position using a 100 ton mobile crane positioned on Clifton Downs above the work location
  • iBEX worked closely with Machinery Movements and Crane Hire Ltd to plan the lift, the end result being that all 7 new posts were installed in a matter of hours