Ironmills Steps

About This Project

Job:          Ironmills Steps – Dalkeith
Client:      Midlothian Council
Dates:      September to December 2016

iBEX successfully tendered for these slope re-profiling and stabilisation works at Ironmills Park in Dalkeith, Scotland.
Working with a consulting engineer, on behalf of Midlothian council, iBEX carried out design changes to incorporate the construction of a retaining wall on part of the slope to facilitate the future re-opening of the footpath.

  • Restricted access site requiring use of micro plant
  • Site clearance, including vegetation, tree felling and previous slip repair material removal
  • Re-profiling of the slope to accommodate mesh installation and future footpath re-building
  • Installation of Greenax slope stabilisation mesh
  • Installation of duck bill anchors and soil nails using a rope access drilling rig
  • Construction of retaining wall from designed and fabricated posts and a larch heartwood infill, with each post restrained with 2 soil nails