Cave Strengthening

About This Project

Job: Maintenance – Cave Strengthening
Client: Hastings Borough Council
Dates: May – June 2019

iBEX returned to Hastings in May 2019 to carry out essential cave strengthening works to the east of Hastings. In order to effectively strengthen the entrance to the cave, the existing supporting column was to be surrounded by a mass fill concrete collar, which in turn was supported by a reinforced concrete slab, with a reinforced concrete column supporting the roof from within the cave.

The location of these works was confined, so requiring detailed logistical planning to ensure suitable traffic management and pedestrian safety were maintained whilst a crane was utilised to access site with materials, including concrete pours.

The iBEX team worked cohesively with the project team, including Hastings Council and consulting engineers, efficiently overcoming project issues in such a difficult access location, ensuring the smooth running of the works, resulting in the works being completed on time and to budget.

Project phases included:

  • Implementation of traffic management system to ensure safe working for all
  • Inspection of area above cave entrance via rope access, resulting in removal of loose rocks and vegetation
  • Installation of ground anchors below cave entrance to enable scaffold materials to be lifted to location
  • Temporary works to create crane pad for 100 ton mobile crane
  • Excavation to levels of cave floor to facilitate installation of stainless steel reinforced cantilevered concrete slab
  • All concrete pours were carried out by 100 ton and concrete skip
  • Creation of mass fill collar and RC column, a total of 48m3 of concrete
  • Demobilisation including reinstatement of street furniture and re-opening of Rock-A-Nore Road