Park Hall Lake

About This Project

Job: Maintenance – Repair of Spillway Wall – Park Hall Lake
Client: Stoke on Trent City Council
Dates: Jan  2020 – Mar 2020

iBEX successfully tendered to repair the masonry spillway of Park Hall Lake in Stoke on Trent.

The existing spillway was a failing masonry wall with a concrete backfill against sheet pile wall dam. Water coming down from the spillway had caused the failure of the masonry and led to erosion of the concrete backfill and deterioration of the spillway.

Working with together with Stoke on Trent City Council engineers, the iBEX team were able to overcome a number of issues on site.  With detailed collaboration from all parties, the spillway has been functionally restored and decoratively drastically improved, with the project being delivered  on time and to budget during a difficult operating period in the winter months.

Project phases included:

  • Removal of trees and vegetation to access the area
  • Re-routing of the water flow from the spillway to gain access to the spillway to begin repair, this was achieved by constructing a temporary scaffolding viaduct to divert the water flow
  • Removal of all masonry and concrete backfill
  • Construction of a stone wall from all recovered stone and new stone
  • Rebuilding of wing walls
  • Concrete backfill to masonry wall, all site concrete being pumped 60m from road access point
  • New fibre reinforced concrete apron
  • Installation of bespoke stainless steel edging to spillway edge to avoid future erosion