Rock-A-Nore Road

About This Project

Job: Geotechnical
Client: Hastings Borough Council
Dates: May to Sept 2017

In early Spring 2017, iBEX successfully tendered for a package of works in Hastings, in a variety of locations, to clear vegetation and stabilise areas of unstable rock faces.

Phase 1 of these works began in May in the popular seaside tourist location of Hastings. Utilising traffic management and working closely with the local council to ensure minimal disruption to all, and in particular the local commercial fishing community, iBEX were able to:

  • Carry out extensive vegetation removal and de-scaling from the cliff face, to allow re-profiling
  • Installation of stainless steel dowel to cliff face above Rock-A-Nore Road
  • 150m² of Geobrugg stainless steel Deltax mesh
  • Demolition and removal of failing retaining wall
  • Installation of 22No R32 hollow bar soil nails
  • Construction of reinforced concrete retaining wall with the reinforcement tied into the soil nails to retain the wall
  • Construction of a locally sourced natural stone facing in traditional lime mortar to meet strict conservation requirements
  • Installation of a drainage system behind the wall and imported 6G fill material to provide additional support to the slope behind the wall

Due to significant rain fall and unstable slope material, the demands of the project varied from the original plans. Through constant client and engineer communications, new drainage and retaining wall construction solutions were developed to enable the site to be stabilised and secured.