Tintern Abbey

About This Project

Job: Tintern Abbey – High Level Masonry Repairs
Client: Cadw
Dates: Nov 2020 – May 2021

iBEX successfully tendered for these extensive conservation and consolidation works to this iconic Scheduled Monument.

Tintern Abbey was founded in 1131, with the final completion of the site in the early fourteenth century. Recent masonry falls from high levels necessitated works being required at height to stabilise, consolidate and conserve the structure. Due to the historical importance of this site and the dynamic approach required to record and address all work areas, iBEX worked closely with the Cadw team, ensuring all parties were in agreement with the changing prioritisation and sequencing of works as they progressed. Using a combination of rope access techniques tracked MEWPs, traditional scaffolding and aluminium scaffold towers, iBEX were able to sensitively undertake the works, causing minimal disruption to the Abbey and it’s surroundings.

Over the course of 5 months, the iBEX team undertook a working survey of the Abbey, highlighting areas of concern. Once reported back, a sequence of works was then agreed to treat and remove vegetation, repoint and re-bed masonry. As works progressed areas were discovered that required a greater level of intervention and Scheduled Monument Consent was granted for localised dismantling and re-building of areas badly affected by root growth.

Project phases included:

  • Establish safe access routes for MEWPs and creating temporary pathways
  • Herbicide application to vegetation
  • Undertake high level survey
  • Development of detailed defects plan and reporting priority areas to client
  • Agreeing prioritisation of areas and plan of works
  • Provide safe access for Ecological survey to ensure no bat roosts in designated areas
  • Agree mortar types and specifications with client, provision of mortar sample tables
  • Removal of vegetation
  • Re-pointing and re-bedding works
  • Provision of detailed report including progression of all works and subsequent repairs

As an added complication, iBEX carried out these works during Covid restrictions, our team worked safely and competently ensuring the safety of themselves and others on site at all times.